Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ke'ia e Kela ... Ho'olewa here and there

Yesterday was a truly blessed day, a New Moon in Cancer and time for new beginnings, uncharted territory and family. Ke'ia in Hawaiian means 'here' and Kela means 'there.' I often balance the beauty of that distance image to make me feel the separation disappear. As I have honed and stepped more fully into my legacy of The Safety Pin Queen, my distinct honor I have to tell you, experience gives me more joy at seeing distancing dissolve. I become adept and flexible with my magic with the pins and share the possibilities.

The pictures below are of my friends listening to the eulogy my son Christopher and I assembled and put onto a DVD. As my friends listened I snapped photos, and listened via the cellphone to the memorial happening on O'ahu.

The amazing thing about daring to cross the borders between here and there is there are no age limitations if you believe ...
 On a small box and a screen (a laptop), a grand crew of friends who have known our family for long, long and short short times listen ... in silence as words tell how symbols can make distance dissolve.
 Food, drinks, a laptop, sacred plants ( la'i ... green ti leaf plant), a purple hibiscus plant (Rose of Sharon) like the ones that grew around us as kids, words safety pinned in memory, and a gourd turned on its side is placed on an 'empty chair' so David is remembered, included and loved.

 There was pie ala mode for topping of a sweet feast.

 Clouds skuttered and cleared to let the blue and the sun bless us with time to be together without cover after a night of rain, and rain the started again when we had kissed our friends good-bye and cleared the table.
 Love is it.

Ho'olewa in Hawaiian means funeral.

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