Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Making adjustments, moving the safety pins

This has been a summer of great challenges, new ones, and familiar ones, the process has required making changes. The many forest fires in the Pacific Northwest this year have left large swaths of trees burned, and still more burn. Thousands of Oxygen-makers have been lost. Such grief. Such ash.

Living with MCS, means my body is often taxed by the usual fragrances, chemicals and products of contemporary life. The forest fires' smoke has added to the challenges, and I am humbled and set back. I was glad to have done one storytelling event early in the summer, but no more than that.

So I have practiced the art of my safety pin life, and made adjustments; affixing the remedies and enclosing myself in smaller areas of safety works for me. Slowly I recover. This is just a note to say that, and let any readers know what goes on with the teller and writer of medicine stories from The Safety Pin Cafe.

Fall approaches. The seasons are definitely changing. Hope you are enjoying the harvest time, appreciating the stories that are your life. All the best.