Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Like the tides

Slowly and in movement much like the tides we are finding ourselves in sync with what and who is important. That's a photo of our friend Prescott and Pete on the night of Mahealani (one of the full moons according to the Hawaiian Moon Calendar). I have many words written on my other blogs, here and here. If you are interested in what that slow and tide-like activity is like, please go to my other blogs.

The Safety Pin Café, born as a myth, on a day in winter only a duck could love is feathering into a story with feet and a good heart. Pete and I grow older and root in a community with room for us. We give back and the story grows. As Spring Equinox approaches (March 19th) we look forward to more light and honor the darkness that is responsible for growth.

Enjoy your today!