Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grateful Today: Experiencing the 'Journey' of the Moon's Nodes

" Taurus North Node/Scorpio South Node
Those with south node in Scorpio have come from lifetimes of deeply understanding others’ pain and suffering, including their own. They, like Libra south node, have always thought of themselves as a part of a duo, rather than singularly. But with Scorpio south node, the ante has been upped. The experiences aren’t just about relating, its about relationships of unusual intensity and most likely, crisis types of situations in relationships that truly test the soul’s resilience...What is the ultimate evolutionary purpose for these people? SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY SIMPLIFY. From complex relationships to the simplification of their own spirit. How is that done? By first eliminating (good Scorpio word) as many complications as they can, and find the still, simple life of just BEING, without all that drama added. If everything is so intense emotionally, from the Scorpio south node, it would stand to reason that perhaps this lifetime is just finding a place to settle down, within oneself? If they can separate themselves from their own and others’ very demanding dramas, they can learn the ultimate lesson: to be at ease and totally comfortable."- Eileen Grimes for
This depiction symbolizes the circular journey of the Dragon/Serpent (often the archetypal creature of death/rebirth), and the evolution or journey of a human being based on the position of the Moon's Nodes at the time of birth. The earphone like symbol (to the left in this drawing) is the North Node. The symbol opposite it is the South Node. Eastern astrology often describes the journey of the soul's journey as that of moving from the Tail of the Dragon (the South Node) toward the Mouth of Dragon (the North Node), which in metaphoric turns offers the human being and her evolving soul the journey (life) of feeding the Dragon.

I was born with the signature of a Scorpio South Node, and Taurus North Node. For many years now, especially since the years of diaspora my ongoing quest has been to simplify my life, and my self, from the intensity of crisis after crisis. The irony and the reality of that quest is that in the settling down to root, old habits and old projections die hard! Perhaps it is in that recognition of 'die hard' while I sort through the grief process today, that is the gift and the charm hidden in the difficulty.

Surrounded as I am by the Tribe of Thousands (the Tree People of Fir, Pine, Cedar and Alder) I live with the beings who ground. 24/7 the Tribe of Thousands 'speak' to me, and give me the lesson I so need to integrate. Simply, simply, simply ... ground. The chain saws may come and cut us down. Simply, simply, simply ... ground. People will burn us down.  Simply, simply, simply ... ground. Over, and over the trees show me as they stand with roots out of sight and heads in the heavens how it is done. Their trunks grow daily, they sway in the wind. Their branches make music and make homes for the seen and unseen. Music starts with their presence, ends with their grounding.

Though I struggle even with all this tree wisdom feeding the mouth of my Taurus North Node, the trees teach me. They don't judge my flailing, but they do remain constant: rooted, reaching, touching the heavens, bringing the heavens down to earth. My gratefulness is in the awareness that I do struggle and I do suffer. That is the truth; but it is not everything. Many moments of calm feed my soul. My relationships test me even in the calm, there is a choice I think. Will I be calm enough to communicate and speak truthfully without judgement? I am hopeful. My Brother David's death, and passing is offering me the window of hopeful. Hope, that tiny creature last in the chest of chaos when Pandora's Box was opened. That's the one creature I put my faith in .. Grateful to notice she is there!

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