Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grateful Today: Healing and Chiron and the Full Moon, June 12, 2014

" Venus, Saturn, and Chiron are all at 17 degrees 44 minutes of their sign with Chiron in sextile to Venus and trine to Saturn. This is ridiculously uncommon and impossibly positive. So if you wish, give a thought today and tomorrow to what it is within you that was once broken and now holds you back from giving and receiving what you desire. It may be something you once held, but to which you have lost access. Or it may be something you never had but always wanted. This is not a momentary thing but a process. Resolving it helps not just you, but everyone you will encounter..." - Satori

"Healing takes place at Nature's Rhythm. Nature's Rhythm? Medium to Slow." - Angeles Arrien

For a very long time, at least it feels like a very long time, I have reflected and considered what wounds, emotional-psychic breaks held, or hold me back. The archetypal character Chiron, the centaur, half-man, half cloven hoofed being, who was a great teacher and healer but could not heal himself appears in an astrological natal (birth) chart. From that (astrological) point of reference, each of us human's have wounds or breaks that repeatedly challenge or fester over time, healing or fixing being almost impossible to do independent of others. Satori's writing today fuels me with gratefulness, as I see and experience the slow to medium rhythm of healing deep wounds or complicated wounds that really are more than personal; the healing is collective, legacy-based, and forward moving.

Tonight's Sagittarius Full Moon is the one-moon anniversary of my Brother David's passage. Through the mechanism of symbols and my deeply connected relationship with the Moon healing comes. Chiron is natally positioned in my 10th House of Public Reputation, or Career. It's the way I appear to the public that has been wounded at a deep or complicated way.  My brother's chiron is in the 6th House of Healing and Creativity. Poetically I witness in myself, the powerful transformation that is coming through the journey of our life as sister and brother. It's a long shot, to some, but feels to me very real, and reassuring. In our very early lives we were wounded deeply by family drama and abuse that hurt us both. Publicly, I was the older sister but only by less than two years. But even at a very early age, I knew my job was to protect my brother even though he was bigger, stronger, and more agile and quick than I could ever be. The wound of my brother's 6th House Chiron placement reckons for me the struggle he would experience most of his life, that of seeking/escaping/running from a hurt that could not be fixed without complete surrender.

Through the month between the Full Moon in Scorpio, and tonight's Full Moon in Sagittarius I have weighed and wept deeply as my public reputation and career as protector has hung in the balance. How well have I served my brother, as protector, and does that remain my role now that he has gone home? Both Satori and Angeles Arrien provide me with mirrors into which I reflect on the answers to that question. The question and the answers have been on my 'to do' list for a very long time. Funny but time is relative, and when I do not separate myself from all of Nature, the very long time may really but be somewhere between slow to medium. There is a sense of renewal that is mine today, that was not there just days ago. The work of exploring and reflecting on a maturing nature is good and valuable time spent. The forecast for tonight's moon rise is that there will be a cloudy sky; not likely to see our companion Mahina. Fortunately, that is just a forecast, and does not account for magic, or a momentary and well-placed breeze. Not all healing is done on the surface, and even clouds light up on a full moon.

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