Thursday, June 5, 2014

Grateful Today: Recognizing the Rites of Passage, Initiation and Closings

These are the 'Ole Moons (those phases of the moon when reflection, weeding, mending, and rest are called for). Between the Full Moon in Scorpio, on May 14th when my Brother David made his transition out of the body and into Spirit, there is this time. This time is what I am recognizing as a time to prepare the Initiation or Rite of Passage we call "Death." In the YouTube included here are snips of conversation with a great teacher, who made her own transition in late April. I refer to her often in the past several weeks, as she is someone I was led to, I believe, because I would need her guidance and mentorship to create a Rite of Passage for my brother. It is not an easy rite to create and as I listened to Angeles Arrien in this YouTube, I recognize that I am going through the process of integrating and growing my character. That character has matured slowly ... over time. When I have rushed to take short-cuts, my body or some environmental event has slowed me down. Angeles Arrien says that we, in this culture, love things that are 'NEW' and are great at starting things up. We aren't so good at prolonging interest especially when things get hard. And she says, we are really not very good at closing things or ending things well. I can relate to that description as apt for my own life. I think I've chosen my life so I would experience the journey of staying, and closing/ending relationships.

With this 'Ole Moon Phase of Four days and nights I am grateful to remember there are two things we(humans) cannot do in the 'Fast Lane": we cannot integrate our experiences; and two, we cannot grow or deepen our character. Living my life by the moon has reconnected me to the natural cycle. Forcibly, if necessary, but sometimes as a result of learning and practicing life lived in the medium to slow range/pace, I get to know myself, and my unique place. I have been asked to give a eulogy -- honor my Brother David's life. It is an initiation, and a rite of passage that must be infused with ritual. It comes to me, in the natural pace: slow to medium. These 'Ole Moons end with Friday's moon.

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