Monday, July 7, 2014

Storytelling: one of the 4 universal healing salves

The 4 Universal Healing Salves
  1. Storytelling
  2. Singing
  3. Dancing
  4. Silence
- The Four-Fold Way

"The story that continues the unfurling life of a Border Witch, Pale Wawae and her family, friends and connections with cultures human and inter-species stopped when my brother David died unexpectedly nearly two months ago. The reality of grief, sadness and hope on the edges pressed the Pause button. I mourn still. But, Story is one of the universal healing salves and it applies itself to my heart, and my soul today. And the story continues with Alex Santiago the welder-magician mending small things as his apprentice notices how those things are done." - "The Pile" 

Summer is here on Whidbey Island. The sun warms up the woods and the communities beyond the small world where we live. The stories that are my real life cross into the medicine stories healing, mending and transforming the sorrow that requires much more than a prescription; quick fixes don't apply. What summer does teach me though is how Nature moves. Change happens. Not usually at a rate that most humans appreciate, it makes no nevermind. Nature will change at Her pace.

The third part of the medicine (story) that began when I, and the Border Witch opened the door and crossed the threshold into The Safety Pin Cafe begins, again. Now Summer, the story picks up on the threshold of that season. It is still Spring in the mythic town of Salish. Threads of the story, and bits of magic are finding ways to teach a young and watchful bird-man. The salve of storytelling spreads itself into my broken heart and does what only story can do. JOTS and I walk the trails in the woods around our tiny home, and the other salve, silence, wraps itself around us, too.

To read this application of the salve of story go here.

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