Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The magic wraps up in "The Party"

The third part in the trilogy of medicine stories from The Safety Pin Café is threading together nicely. I am have a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful season of summertime here in the woods of Langley. The Quonset Hut door is open to the sound of wind and the song of birds. Raven was very talkative earlier, and with a belly of lunch simmering nicely within I thought I'd encourage you to read Mend Meddle Magic with the bits laid down so far.

Here is a summary of the story thus far, laying out the threads with the characters old and new since that first season only a duck could love.

1. The Sweet Sisters have been introduced, their identity and character developed as 'crow sisters; Old Ones; elders by any standard; meddlers with their fingers in the lives of Alex, Pale, and the once-faceless woman Camilia DeSilva. They have called in Pueo to set Pale right, but Pueo has a mind to direct Pale left with questions that neutralize fear in the birthday girl.

2. The Faceless Woman, Camilia DeSilva has returned to Salish. Nearly distracted from her goal of reconnecting with the characters of The Safety Pin Café, her daughter Dani pins her to herself and now the future moves. Her story unfolding: she has made metaphorical honey with the help of the bees and is hand-stitching dresses she loves, and spreads the clothing around. Her addiction to alcohol is revealed, her recovery tested and in tact just for today. She has met new characters: The Branches, Antonio, Alex and The Sweet Sisters.

3. The children are introduced. Dani is a serious old soul with vision. Olivia is spunky, and curious about sexuality. Both of them spread the genes of one of the original characters (The Faceless Woman) and character development integrated over time is the theme here. We see the three faces of womanhood/personhood through Dani, Olivia and their mother. More about the Raven children is revealed, but is that enough about the changlings?

4. The Branches and their motel another layer of Nature and hospitality.

5. Pale's 80th birthday party depicted in the final installment "The party" will gather the essence of the medicine stories, weaving old stories with stories heard and told just the other day the other yesterday. Antonio has brought a chorus line of guests sure to create a romp of delight. Themes of human initiation and rituals of passage are experienced. Connectivity and legacy are played out through the generations of characters. The future is glimpsed, outcomes are potent. That installment is still in the making. Perhaps you have not yet met these characters and tasted the simple and complex soup of a story.

Curious now? The story is over here. It's a fun read, and fun write. Hope to find you in there with me.

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