Friday, January 31, 2014

Myth & Magic on the back of The Year of the Wooden Horse

Gung Hee Fat Choy Happy New Year the Year of The Wooden Horse. The Safety Pin Cafe began the process of weaving the common and ordinary magic of story, place and mythic journeys. The characters found in the story of The Safety Pin Cafe share the whimsy, cultural poetry and timeless connections. But, not everyone can see the cafe, or recognize the doorway that begins on a day a duck could love.

It makes no nevermind is the password. Those who are ready for the medicine find it.

Today with the start of the Lunar New Year, a second medicine story, a work-in-progress is now showing to an intimate audience. Together with this handful of friends I invite audience participation and, The Joy Weed Journal is read for the first time. Over the next month or so my audience and I will talk about what shows up for them. Like the aging border witch Joy Weed, I tread the edges of society and culture and experiment with new ways to bridge time and evolution. I tinker with the limits and discover through experiencing. That's what happens when one is sensitive.

If you would like to read the medicine story, it rides in on the back of the Lunar New Year's Wood Horse. To read it click here.

Bang those pots to clear out the old, eat your long noodles and yummy dumplings, cut a slice of moon cake and share it with those you love. Happy New Year of the Wooden Horse!


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