Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cooking up more magic on a Cancer Full Moon: "The Joy Weed Journal"

in the Quonset in the woods
The second medicine story, "The Joy Weed Journal" written from the real Safety Pin Cafe (our Quonset in the woods) is ready for 'a showing.' What is 'a showing' ?

"A 'showing' (my emblazonment) isn't a show," the program explained, "it's a work-in-progress, presented to an audience as part of a show's development. Theatre is an art form that needs an audience -- and puppets really, really need an audience before they can come fully to life. Your presence allows us to share the Hoggler's story as it exists so far, to hone the show's material, and lets our puppet characters start making their first steps out into the wider world."
 - from Terri Windling's blog post about a puppetry program in-the-works
In much the same way described above for a puppetry show the medicine stories that I write are works-in-progress and come to life as theater when presented to an audience. The summer presentation of The Safety Pin Cafe is an example of that sort of magic and homeopractical  medicine that I create. I'm playing with the craft and the art of putting down the story, allowing the story and asking for an audience to play with me. Except for checking the grammar, the voice of culture, and the flow of my stories, when they seem right enough I let the magic out. In that way, the story is alive, not constrained, and very much open for evolution and becoming in harmony with all-that-is.

I'm discovering that rather than fitting these medicine stories in formats that used to work for me (like facilitating workshops) the slow and patient work of integrating truly whole magic is allowing different venues. That allowing is the gift of magic: transformation. Here is one of those different venues: "A showing." Using the internet as my stage with its spacious virtual corridors and fragrance-free environments particularly sweet for my present heightened sensitivities, this blog allows an audience to experience the story; and in return the story and storyteller feel the exchange, stay open to change thanks to your comments and feedback. It's always the beginning of the unknown when I birth new stories/blogs. It's a risk, and an adventure and a heroic journey.

Stay tuned with an invitation to be part of "a showing."

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