Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Unifying Walk Performance

Julie Genser of Planet Thrive wrote " On Sunday, November 9th at 11am CST, a group of students from Trevor Martin’s Social Practice performance art class in Chicago were joined by friends and individuals from the Environmental Illness (EI) community for the simultaneous drinking of tea.
For part two of the performance, there will be a unifying walk in Chicago this Monday, November 17th at 4:30 CST based on the locations of all the tea participants from Sunday. There were about 35 people we know of who enjoyed tea together that day! ... " The entire post is here.

Virtual Space has taken on such a different sort of meaning, words do that over time. I was sorting through a box of stuff -- paper, old pictures-- lots of dust metaphoric and literal began to fly around and before I knew it I have kicked open one of those psychic doors where times past linger, or linker. Linker being a word that bridges as in 'link here to linger.' There were memories that are best let go off, but they don't need to be orphaned out because in effect those memories are/were part of me or once were like guests at my home. I'm drifting with this paragraph, but only slightly. Here we go with the connection. Virtual Space, and the Unifying Walk Performance allows people from around and across the Earth to come together in a unified act from wherever they are. On Sunday, November 9th and then again yesterday, November 18th I joined in the simultaneous drinking of tea --a virtual tea party-- and walk originating in Chicago to acknowledge Environmental Illness; I am one of 'them.' Unable to walk the route 'in person' I joined nonetheless and took the walk at 2:30 PT along the west-facing shore of Sunlight Beach, on Whidbey Island.

The tall bones of The Tree People stretched along the sandy shore

Marks and evidence of many feet told me I was not alone on this journey ...

Across the slough Bird Tribes went about their day, walking, floating, sunning, eating, talking

The tide was at its shift from ebb to flow, the ripples and the currents making sounds and patterns in my soul

And Crow led. I kept a respectful distance. He would have it no other way.

Pohaku li'i (small stones) walked too

In the distance Tahoma rose from the horizon, the air dirty from days and nights of cold, car exhaust and wood fires.
He is large, Tahoma

Heron moved not an inch as all the Others walked. Blending into the shore-scape my camera's lens makes me a virtual companion

Water ripples a gentle line

I rest my stick and sit

before turning to see the sky change with moving clouds that have come wood smoke travels in my direction ...

The Starlings watch... joining the Others, I am one of them, one of all. Unified

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