Monday, September 22, 2014

Second Annual Storytelling at South Whidbey Tilth, September 21, 2014

 It was a sunflower kind of day.
 The tents were pitched, the banner hung, winds blew through with kisses
as the 'oli E HO MAI asked for what was needed from above.
 Grounded on that sweet place of pesticide-free 'aina, the stories filled the air.

 And, everybody there got into the magic, making rattles to call on the 'true, beautiful, and real' the common magic of beans and bottles asked for our hands, our ears, and our hearts.

 The stories touched hearts
The storyteller was bursting with a full-heart in the floppy funky hat,
and was glad.
The ancestors were appreciated, included, acknowledged
with the voices of Raven, the Clacking of Sticks, and the rattle of beans.
Initiation was recognized as the girl Pele became a goddess, a metaphor for our lives.
Our kuleana of Care highlighted. It's everyone's job.
Mahalo nui loa a pau thank you very much to all of you who joined us under the storytelling tent, and contributed so generously to the tips in the hat.
Special thanks to the 'ohana of the South Whidbey Tilth and Farmers' Market, and silk and dye fabric artist Pam Winstanley for the beautiful art that decorated the tents (and my neck) during the storytelling.
Together we raised $150.00 for the
Good Cheer Food Bank.
Mokihana and Pete
If you would like to listen to the tales I told: email me at mokihanacalizarATgmailDOTcom.
Snail mail a check $ 5.00 (or more) PAYABLE TO 'GOOD CHEER FOOD BANK' and mail it to P.O.Box 483 Langley, Washington 98260 (that's our mailing address) We'll forward all contributions.
The mp3 files audio files will be emailed back. 


  1. beautiful! thank you for sharing Mokihana and Pete. these pictures and words gave me a bright light to start my day.
    cant wait to hear the stories! my check will go out today or tomorrow in the mail.--- thank you

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    2. I hope this third time it works.I gave cash for mp3s and food bank.Thank you so much my day was lighter than in a long time.

    3. Always great to hear from you in Oakland, and thrilled to know we can spark your already glowing bright light in the 'other' city by the Bay. xo Hope you enjoy the audio!

  2. Sandra, thank you so much for being with us. Please email me at mokihanacalizarATgmailDOTcom, so I can have your email. Then I will send the mp3 files to you.

  3. Thank you Moki. I'll bring my $5.00 across the yard. :)

    1. OK, Eileen. Thanks neighbor! I'll be meeting with Shawn from Good Cheer this week to hand over the generosity that filled the hat for the food bank. Will add yours to the pot:)

  4. TO ANY AND ALL WHO CAME to The Safety Pin Café on Sunday, and contributed $5.00 (or more) into the hat anonymously ... PLEASE email me at mokihanacalizarATgmailDOTcom ... we would love to share an audio-recording with you with much gratefulness!!:)


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