Monday, April 10, 2017

Today and Tonight Full Moon in Libra

A full moon, the moon and sun are on a line, with Earth in between. It’s as though Earth is the fulcrum of a seesaw, and the moon and sun are sitting on either end of the seesaw. So as the sun sets in the west, the full moon rises. When the sun is below our feet at midnight, the full moon is highest in the sky. When the sun rises again at dawn, the full moon is setting. - Earth and Sky
Yesterday the Sun was out and with it Wind blew too. Cherry and Plum blossoms are a riot of fragile petals. I drove myself out to the sunny grounds of The Tilth where I knew fields of wildly yellow-faced Dandelions would await me. I was harvesting for Dandelion Vinegar. Before leaving the woods Salmon Berry's fuchsia stops me in my tracks, waves at me. I notice, pay attention to where I am now.
Later this afternoon (10 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 7 PM Hawaii Time) as Mahina the Moon fattens into her full and glorious light Hui 'Aimalama will gather on Facebook (a closed group; but, "this event will be archived temporarily on our Hui ʻAimalama site for about a week or two. This is our first lecture, please allow for mistakes and snags as we are learning as we go along. But we are looking forward to reaching out to you all and hopefully that some of you will reach back too. Letʻs all enjoy the experience and help to elevate one another's learning. Ok? Ok!") for a first time online 1 hour lecture. It's a learn as we go venue says Co-founder Kalei Nu'uhiwa. 
"Aloha kākou e nā kilo o ka honua ola. Welina. The ʻAimalama team has been meeting to see how we can provide information on the Kaulana Mahina and ʻAimalama methodology to a broader community and have decided on providing the first FB Hui ʻAimalama lecture. It will be for 1 hour with interactive question and answer throughout. 
We will be discussing the process of becoming Mauliauhoua. No laila, He aha ia mea, he mauliauhonua?"
Astrologically the Full Moon is in the sign of Libra. A bit of the week's forecast includes this, from Satori
"So Monday there’s the full moon in Libra. You’re a person. Your needs are as valid as the needs of others. Those needs are not more important, but they’re AS important. Balance. Has who you are gotten lost in service to the relationship? It’s time to assert your own needs. Doing so without tumult is a delicate thing to manage. It’s tough. It’s necessary...(read the whole)

Over the long haul life here, or there, has been a constant theme: Can I live on the Islands of my birth and maintain a relationship with my haole (foreign) husband and not be engulfed with the reality of American culture? Is my root connect to being Hawaiian strong and flexible enough to keep growing and learning? The answers are tough, like Satori suggests in her take on this week's heavenly aspects. The last two posts describe the current answers for me. The Salmon Berry's fuchsia faces remind me I am where they live, where I live as well. The wonderful thing about opening to the many versions of loving the contradition and the conflicts as well as asserting my own needs (over time) is the unexpected solution. Here, via the internet, I have a date with a group of Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders committed to learning by counting on the moon (Mahina). "We will be discussing the process of becoming Mauliauhonua." I'm guessing this means becoming grounded to this place, this Earth, this honua.

The context will be a contemporary space for learning ancestral practices. From the comfort of my Quonset Hut in the middle of the woods in the middle of a Salish Sea, I join in. On a Libra (relationship-focused!) Pete and I raise our hands ... the haole man and me and say, "Present!" But first, I'll need to take a nap, and get up for the meet-up at 10 PM which is past my usual moemoe time. Small price to pay:)

With this Libra Full Moon how do you find the balance? 

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  1. The HuiAimalama online lecture was a HUGE SUCCESS!! Dozens of folks came to join in lively discussions to mana'o and pictures to help us learn and understand the definition of Mauliauhonua. The chatting and writing went on for more than two hours, and the answering of questions by Kalei Nu'uhiwa continues. We'll be posting more about this and apply it to our lives here in the Salish Sea. Awesome stuff it is!!


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