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The Place is a 'Person': the character of place Part I

If the story The Safety Pin Cafe were a 'person' and if The Safety Pin Cafe were a female person she would be three years old. Born in the morning of November 18, 2015 the character was imbued with the 'bones and blood' of magic. There were events and journeys to fill the soul of a writer and the readers (who she the writer could not know ... though there were a few she did, know) waiting in and out of the margins of story. It all started with the line "It was a day a duck could love" because it was truly that wet a day when the story was born. The characters: Pale the Border Witch, the Silver-haired Raven, Fairy Woman, Gypsy Woman, and Hi'iaka the Goddess pinned themselves together with a safety pin and many adventures grew during the three years.

As the Winter Solstice, 2015 approaches and I am soggy with the effects of seasonal damp I consider some creative solutions to a 'trapped and aging Mars'.  One of those solutions is to play with the character of the place, The Safety Pin Cafe, and shake the stuffiness in her a bit and maybe loosened the congestion both metaphoric and physical. Beginning with this post I'm going to consider the qualities of astrological aspects to give my winter sogginess a remedy to embrace. Like good, physical exercise that I need (but too often don't) to defuse anger (Mars) or direct it usefully, I'm hoping there is something, more than one maybe, that will come from exploring The Safety Pin Cafe as a person. 

Credit goes to and their Free Horoscopes option "AstroClick" Portrait for these interpretations. What I do with them, I can't be sure at this point. But I'm writing them down as tickle lines to stir the creative soup and we'll see what comes of it. The Natal Chart pictures in the banner for the blog is the chart that includes the interpretations. 

Moon Square Midheaven  
Your needs and feelings may often conflict with what other people seem to expect of you. Your feelings are sometimes more correct than rational judgments, which may be based on ideas taught by others with no thought for your individuality. You have to live with others, but at the same time you have to be yourself.
If reason tells you to go one way and emotion says the opposite, think about your choices carefully. If the 'reasonable' path helps others but offers you very little, then your emotions may be trying to tell you what your real needs are.
You will need the advice of a faithful friend who can show you which choice is best for you without having a stake in the result.
Interpretation by Robert Hand from "Youth Portrait".

Moon Square Saturn  
You often feel that the people around you or even life itself prevents you from expressing your emotions. You may feel lonely and unsupported by your friends, brothers and sisters and even your parents. To overcome this feeling of aloneness, you must have a great deal of emotional support from your family and friends.
Your mother, especially, must accept and support you, or else you are likely to become emotionally distant from her.
You probably try too hard to control your emotions so that others won't know how you feel, as if you were ashamed of your feelings. You shouldn't be ashamed of them.
Interpretation by Robert Hand from "Youth Portrait".

Moon Square Venus  
You need affection very much, and you will go out of your way to get it. By being very friendly and charming, you make others like you, but if you do this too much, you will not develop a very strong character. You must learn that your merits and flaws exist independently of what others see in you. You are not the product of what other people see, but of your own inner energies.
On the other hand, part of you is really very loving, affectionate and kind. You can make the people around you feel very good. If you take the trouble to develop your inner character, people will like you for what you really are. You will also have to develop some self-discipline about giving in to all your desires for pleasure. You could damage your health by drinking and eating for pleasure without considering good nutrition.
Interpretation by Robert Hand from "Youth Portrait".
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Moon Trine Jupiter  
This is one of the most pleasant of all aspects. It indicates that you are an outgoing person with a great deal of self-confidence and emotional security. You aren't afraid of being yourself in any situation.
You are usually generous and giving toward others. You want to take care of people and animals, helping those in trouble and protecting the weak.
You have great respect for honor and honesty, and you may develop a fairly strong interest in religion. Your faith will not be a limited puritanical kind, but one based on kindness and the desire to help people grow and move forward in their lives.
Interpretation by Robert Hand from "Youth Portrait".

Moon Sextile Uranus  
You have a great need to be free to express your feelings in your own way. You will show this very clearly by the kinds of friends you choose, for you insist on your right to choose them yourself.
You need to be emotionally independent as well, for you can't stand the feeling that you belong to someone, that someone has an emotional claim on you.
But you don't believe that you alone need this kind of freedom; you feel that everyone should have it. You are attracted to anything new, anything that takes you away from the everyday world or brings excitement and interest into your life.
Your strong sense of fairness urges you to work for the benefit of all. You may work to change traditions and fight against customs that have outlived their usefulness. But remember, other people may not agree with that, and you must give them the same rights you demand for yourself.
Interpretation by Robert Hand from "Youth Portrait".

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