Friday, April 3, 2015

The Full Moons of April (April 1-4, 2015) and Lunar Eclipse

We practice counting the moon using the Hawaiian Lunar Calendar. In line with that practice we count 4 full moons, beginning with the Hua Moon, followed by Mohalu, then Hoku and finally Mahealani. 

Tonight the moon will rise before the sun sets. If you click on the link provided you'll see the times for Moon Rise and Sun Set (from Greenbank on Whidbey Island). Friday is the Hoku Moon. Tomorrow evening Moon Rise is thirty minutes after Sun Set, most people will call Saturday's moon the Full one. Mahealani is the name for that phase in the Hawaiian Lunar Calendar.

Astrologically there's a Lunar Eclipse along with the Full Moon...

"By the end of Friday night, the Moon is nearing full. It opposes the Sun and squares Pluto with Uranus and Jupiter involved. Keep your bearings and remember your goals if out and about. Even if you are on your game, you may find that others are not. Be prepared for explosions and meltdowns and you’ll be pleasantly surprised if they don’t happen!This full moon is about one on one relationships, and it is very volatile. If you’re concerned about volatility, I’d take things as they come, with patience and good humor. It’s possible to see some real growth and change happen, to see old structures disintegrate. Responsible and generous, straightforward talk is totally possible. But the only control one has is over oneself..." - read the whole post
We're dealing with a back injury(Pete's) with all its bubbling and boilings. So we may be moon watching from the woods where we live rather than drive out to the Tilth or Sunlight Beach. Maybe one of you all will make it to these spots.

It's Spring Celebration time this weekend as well. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring

Thank you Terri Windling for permission to reprint this dear Bunny girl from Bumblehill in Devon, UK

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