Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weathering Weather on Whidbey

Justin Burnett, Editor of the South Whidbey Record wrote, "The December wind storm of 2014 won’t be forgotten anytime soon, not on South Whidbey anyway.
Beginning at about 7:30 p.m. Thursday (December 11, 2014) evening, the South End was slammed by winds that downed hundreds of trees, resulting in scores of power outages, an unknown number of blocked roads and driveways, and damaging private property from Clinton to Greenbank..." - Read the entire article here.
December 2014 Storm Damage
Photo Credit: Justin Burnett South Whidbey Record
Everybody has a storm story to tell as we, and our neighbors on the South End of Whidbey Island recoup from the intensity of winds that came with power. We listened to the snap and crash of tree limbs on and around us in the woods, grateful in the morning when the winds had passed to know no serious damage was done to our tiny homes nor that of our closest neighbors. Our landladies and we ran gasoline powered generators for hours to keep us warm, and allow me to cook. The loud sound of the engines and the petroleum emission the price we paid to be warm. It's a trade-off to the environment, something I chock up to accepting that can't be changed. We don't burn wood for heat. We need to stay warm. We wish to endure. We do what we can. Pete was out and about the neighborhood helping clean downed trees and checked on neighbors. There's an after shock that we all experience, and that's what's happened around here and at The Safety Pin Café. A slowing down and a psychic and physical release. WHEWW in capitals.
To help me with weathering winter I turn to the world of words and the medicine of story. You may want to read my latest Medicine Story that came from that storm. Pinned together as all my stories are, the real marries the myth and the partnership is a commitment to see life as a fiesta, a moveable feast, a fairy tale with or without fairy. The new story MoltenMadam sees Pale the Border Witch and heroine of The Safety Pin Café alive and well as she ages into her Wild Hare self "never too old for the mischief and the mystery."

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