Thursday, August 14, 2014

Straw tails and fire

"Whoever has a tail of straw should not get close to the fire."
-a Latin American folk saying

My life is an amazing wild ride.

Chicken and raven teach me things that make the words of my elders all the more powerful. Pualani Kanaka'ole Kanahele writes about the poetry and ancient genealogical chants of the Hawaiian world, "Over eons, each of the names in [this]genealogy has taken on varied forms to accommodate local metaphors. These are added at diverse areas of contact. Besides the primary forms of earth and sky, other forms such as spirits, humans, canoes, and sharks have been added to the complexity of the story.The insertion of multiple forms provides a mythical framework based on forms of nature ... in Western literary terms, as myth. But it is based on a foundation of elements that are natural and consistent in the Hawaiian world." -
Ka Honua Ola

With their examples the birds give meaning to the everyday experiences, and meaning to Mircea Eliade's statement "Western man will not be able to live indefinitely cut off from an important part of himself, a part that is made up of fragments of a spiritual history, the significance and message of which he is incapable of deciphering."
-Mircea Eliade Shamanism

Weather systems are shifting. The dry, hot summer is now cooling not timed to the calendar which marks Fall in September, the alder leaves are falling now, the rain and fog test our resilience and the question is: does it matter? Does what matter? Does it matter that weather is not nailed to a paper grid or a digital page that moves with animation? Regularity helps. Rigidity snaps me. I ramble on trying to tell the truth. "Whenever we pretend, edit, rehearse, perform, or withhold, we support the development of false self system. Through the false self, we develop the art of self-abandonment."
-"The path of the Visionary" The Four-Fold Way Angeles Arrien

I am an amazing wild ride, with tales of deep roots.
I am a canoe with memories as old as wind.
I am lizard who survives.


  1. i have finished Mend,Meddle,Magic. I loved it! As i have mentioned before,your writing is so rich, thoughtful, inspirational, and sad... sad because it speaks of a time that is no longer... it is to me a perfect memory.
    Now about this post...i love this last paragraph, it speaks to me at this moment, 9:32 AM friday 8/15. Does it matter? everyone seems to believe IT does, and sometimes that seeps into my territory, in my territory it feels like an intruder... "whenever we pretend, edit, perform...." etc... hard when every is in this mode and believes it with out a single self reflection...
    thank you mokihana.

    1. Thank you Renee. Sip on the magic which does mend or meddle at different junctions in a woman's life. Memory is life relived. A cook knows that when a recipe is revisited it always has the potential to taste a little different in the making. Room for magic, or meddling.

      Your comment on this post's affect on you at 9:32 this morning. The important part is that you notice & register the beliefs. Yours will be a flow of choices, you are a cook. You can take your original medicine and make delicious everywhere. Life is a wild ride, unique for us all! Lovexo Mokihana


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