Thursday, November 21, 2013

The 5 and Dime

Do you remember the old 5 and Dime stores? There was a Ben Franklin in Kaimuki when we were kids. An escalator ride led from the parking lot on Center Street into that place that I can still feel and smell. The KRESS Store in downtown Honolulu where my Ma and I would go for Tulip Sundaes at the counter.

Ma didn't drive in those days, we caught the HRT (Honolulu Rapid Transit) bus from Kuliou'ou and it was a treat and a memory I could not have known would live a lifetime. Nostalgia and practical magic combine to tickle the light from their hiding places today. To do that I'm created The Safety Pin Cafe 5 and Dime our version of a 2013 five and dime store. The doors to our E-shop are now open for "magic within reach".
Click here to stop in at The Safety Pin Cafe 5 and Dime.
Hope to see you in the e-shop.

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