Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Invite The Possibility

"The Safety Pin Cafe is close, nearer than one could imagine and is open especially to those who straggle borders listening for the comfort of an empty cup needing filling.
"This is a stop over place, The Safety Pin Cafe," the chef said as we watched The Faceless Woman empty the mug of warm milk and vanilla. Raven refilled her mug and sprinkled more cinnamon. "Not every one finds this place, it's easily missed among the distractions ... this and that, either or. But, many do find us and we never turn people, mostly woman, away."
The door of the cafe is open now. Open to the possibility that we could stumble upon the solidity of expectation, and fall into the places between the cracks, and find magic. An artist has multiple responsibilities as she creates or translates the world as she sees it: With or without allies, the art is conjured and interpreted; history and cultural protocols are important to the art; change is inescapable. What is fun is to be in alliance rather than create in isolation and this is what has happened with The Safety Pin Cafe. On the B+ Wave of Drewslist here on Whidbey, and the art of Elizabeth Crabtree from Battlecreek, Michigan a medicine story grows and invites The Possibility. History and cultural protocol is essential to my art, my work, I weave it into a contemporary setting (much like a town close to home). Could this cafe possibly evolve and include ideas, characters, events from your imagination? Why not!

Being a writer offers me access to words and visions to put onto paper. If they only remain in my mind I may be entertained or deluded. If I write and no other reads it, I still am writer. But ... if a story can offer The Possibility a seat and a corkboard onto which things could be stuck with safety pins, that is the stuff of collective imagination and satisfaction. (The corkboard idea occurred to a disappointed visitor to the cafe, who wished to use such a corkboard.)

Do come, read the Medicine Story, and let it dose you with homeopractical magic; a little goes a long way and will in no way harm you.

Your comments and your questions are welcome on the blog, though I will moderate them to maintain a positive temperament. In time and with your input The Safety Pin Cafe will 'take on flesh' and become a place where you can sit and be served cinnamon toast, art from people who live nearby and cups of refreshment will quench your thirsts. As much as an artist can predict how her art is received, the Muse and the Ancients who fuel my art also watch and in the end timing is divine. So, do not be disappointed if you cannot find The Safety Pin Cafe, yet. It's there, between the borders as real as dreams are real, and Ravens wear glasses and brocade vests.

"Humanity is a family, though it rarely treats itself as such. Your presence can get that quality moving wherever you go, particularly where you work. Do not be shy about setting the example. Even if it seems a little strange to people, count on the fact that nearly everyone is starving and thirsting for a world in which we actually take care of one another." - Eric Francis

'Eli 'Eli Kau Mai (dig deep!)

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